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Obedience Training Programs

Making the investment of enrolling your dog in an obedience training program develops their reliability in all scenarios of life. By addressing unwanted behaviors, such as hyperactivity or reactiveness, and replacing them with desired behaviors, your dog will develop into a calmer more well behaved member of your family and community. We currently offer a variety of obedience training services to address the individual needs of every dog. The following information specifically refers to our Board & Train Program. For more information regarding our other services, please Contact Us.



Requirements & Duration

Your Dog Must Meet The Following to Enroll:

- Minimum of 4 months old

- Completed their 3rd round of puppy shots - including Bordatella (Kennel Cough) & Rabies

What Is The Typical Stay For Most Dogs? 

- For our kennel based board and train, your dog will stay with us for approximately 5-8 weeks, this varies based on a variety of factors such as breed and behavioral traits. 

Do We Get to Visit our Dog? 

- Owners are encouraged to make a visit at the 4-week mark to visit with their dog, see their progress, and to discuss future training plans.


Program Details

What All Will My Dog Learn? 
- At the end of the program, your dog will be able to do the following commands, on and off leash:
- Heel
- Sit/Extended Sit
- Down/Extended Down
- Place
- Recall/Come 
- General manners: No Jumping, "Off", "Hush", Waiting for food, at doors, etc
- At the end of training, we provide a complimentary "go-home" session. During this time, we show you everything your dog has learned and invite you to practice their new commands. A free follow up session is offered to local clients. Must be redeemed within 30 days.

Program Expense

What Should I Expect To Invest In Training?

- We charge a flat rate of $175 a week. At drop off, an initial payment of $700 for the first 4-weeks of training must be made. The remaining balance is arranged in a case-by-case basis. 

What Training Tools Does My Dog Need?

- Slip Collar/Leash

- E-Collar

* These items are not included in the program, expect an additional investment of approximately $180 - $200 based on your dogs needs. We can purchase these for you and add it to your final invoice or negotiate otherwise. 


Download our

Service Pricing Sheet