Beaver Creek Kennels specializes in gun dog training for retrieving and pointing breeds. Training your dog makes the commitment you have with this new friend much more enjoyable. This is the best money, beyond the initial purchase of a good quality pup that you will invest. A well-mannered hunting partner is both pleasurable and highly respected.  Beaver Creek Kennels treats each dog as an individual. The training pace is tailored to the dog. The initial four weeks of gun dog training includes evaluation, settling in, bonding with the trainer, and preliminary obedience work. At the end of the first four weeks, we will provide an evaluation of your dog's abilities. This evaluation helps determine the direction, trainability level, and time needed to complete your dog's retriever training. Typically, developing a dog to started level takes twelve to sixteen weeks. Blind retrieving and hand signal training is available for started dogs. Gun dog training develops hunting and retrieving skills on land and water. We offer started level gun dog work and finished levels of training. Dogs are worked in the field and are placed in actual hunting simulations/situations with live birds. The dogs are run through decoys, in and out of a boat, a hunting blind, and various types of cover. Final finishing includes steadying to shot, improved marking, lengthening to retrieve, and confidence building. We enjoy working with all gun dog breeds. We recommend that gun dog training begin at five months. Special arrangements can be made to start a pup earlier if desired. All training is done at our facilities. We charge by the week. The first four weeks training fee is due when the dog is placed with us. Owners provide:  •	Their dog’s food  •	Current vaccinations and rabies •	A monthly flea/tick preventative  Owners are welcomed and encouraged to make appointments to visit their dogs every four weeks. You can see your dog’s progress and discuss upcoming training on these visits. When training is complete, we work with you so that you understand the commands and disciplines we used. This creates a seamless transfer of your dog when he goes home to you and your family. We stand behind the training we do. We are here to help you even after you take your dog home.	 Beaver Creek Kennels also offers:  •	Specialized correction training •	Private boarding to our clients MAIN MENU VIDEO FOLLOW US GUN DOG TRAINING 35 Retriever Creek Lane, Saint Matthews, SC 29135          Phone: 803-655-5391